About Us


Hello, Roula here!

Thank you for taking an interest in YZness. I just wanted to say a few words about YZness and its many initiatives.

It’s simple…

What do kids need today? A question each and every parent faces before, during and even after having a child. In fact, and since it might seem like a broad question, why don’t we tackle the matter from another perspective…

What don’t they need anymore?
Rush? Competitive learning? Infatuated information? Brainwash? Anxiety? Excessive Tech and gadgets? Classification and prejudgments? and the list is even longer…

Kids today are bombarded with unnecessary, and mostly harmful information. They are losing innate qualities and raw talents while being shaped by societal cookie cutters from media, technology, and educational benchmarking.

The system is set. They need to constantly adapt and run faster in order to catch up or else, they’ll be easily excluded, misjudged and labeled.

Today, children need more freedom in all its shapes and forms, especially the freedom of speech and creative expression.
They need values.
They need to have role models they can count on and look up to, now more than ever.
They need to journey through the mind, body and soul on a daily basis.
They need as much creativity and art as possible, on top of everything else most probably.

One thing is for sure, it is clear by now that what they need is a firm circle of coherence around emotional support, artistic healing and spiritual growth.
And under a massive keyword, WISDOM… What ever happened to worldwide wisdom?
And this is where it all began. It was a simple observation of a single modern-day kid that immediately led us to ring an alerting bell and start working. Something is to be done, immediately…



We are a publishing house, a voice for children, a modern-day educational system that provides opportunities for children through workshops, retreats and a wide variety of exciting and fun activities.

All kids have a story to tell as they long to be understood.

YZness is here to help them voice out their thoughts through an abundance of strategic techniques and storytelling.

YZness goes back to the root of all roots, a positive way of communication to reconnect with humanity, expand children’s knowledge and understanding, to spread the message of love, energy and optimism.

Starting with the fundamental 3 in order to proceed with bigger changes in the long run.


Our vision is to create a safe space for children to be able to engage with their own story through books and literacy resources inspired by the journey of children. We will continue to write with and for our little heroes.


Our mission is to voice characters and portray stories from and for the lives of children to grow the flame of their inner child despite their circumstances.